Favorite Words

A recent conversation went along the following lines:

Me: Do you have a favorite word?
Friend 1: No.
Me: No?
Friend 1: Yes, no.
Me: No, as in the word or no, you have no favorite?
Friend 1: Yes.
Me: That’s a horrible word!
Friend 2: I like scum.
Me: Scum.
Friend 1: No scum!
Friend 2: It’s a noun, an adjective, a verb. Scum is really versatile.
Friend 1: Especially on your shower door.
Me: Well, that’s better, I guess. I was thinking along the lines of syzygy. It’s unusual, with wonderful meaning and even design, with the only vowels “y”
Friend 1: No!
Friend 2: It’s not a palindrome like scum.
Me: I don’t think palindrome means what you think it means.
Friend 1: Mirror image words.
Me: Right.
Friend 2: Sure. That’s scum.
Me: No.
Friend 1: See! There’s a reason it’s my favorite.

I tried to send them back, but the store doesn’t permit exchange or refund on friends. All sales are final.


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